Why "FOR XML" Feature in MSSQL is Great for XSLT

I am astonished of FOR XML feature in MSSQL. Oracle, despite claiming they had XML support first, has nothing like that; and XML support in PgSQL and MySQL is just ridiculuos:

Why Computational Complexity Matters and Optimization Does Not

When developers hear word "optimization" they think of:

  • assembler and C/C++
  • ultra-optimizing compilers
  • JIT, native code generation
  • high-price hardware


Why Saxon is the Fastest XSLT Processor

In my previous article "What XSLT Processor is the Fastest?" I have benchmarked performance of MSXML, XslCompiledTransform, Saxon, Xalan and XSLTC processors. The test case was XML Pipeline transforming 14mb XML file — Saxon was the winner.

In this article, I will explain why Saxon wins, despite MSXML is implemented in C/C++ and .NET XslCompiledTransform is compiling.

Why XSLT name() Function is Evil

XSLT name() function is evil and should be avoided just like GoTo.

For example, it is very bad to write

Undestanding Risk Management in Software Development

There are always risks associated with a project. Purpose of risk management is to ensure levels of risk and uncertainty are properly managed so that the project is successfully completed. It is important to understand Risk Management and employ contemporary risk management practices. This article contains streamlined approach to Risk Management.

Understanding Change Control Management in Software Development

Change Control management is needed to prevent chaos when changes happen rapidly to the project.

In this article I will outline streamlined approach to Change Control management.

Understanding Configuration Management in Software Development

Software configuration management is an important element of software quality assurance.

In this article I will outline streamlined approach to Software configuration management.

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