How to Implement Uninstall Feedback in InnoSetup

If user is uninstalling your application, it is reasonable to ask him what he did not liked in the application. Usually developers open web browser for submission of feedback.

In this articles I will show how to implement sending of such kind of feedback using desktop's regular mail application, such as Outlook and Thunderbird.

How to Fix InnoSetup to Support System Font

InnoSetup does not support Windows system font, it is using MS Sans Serif 8 instead.

Use the following code to fix this:

How to Support "System Font" in InputQuery Delphi Function

If you have applied my techniques fixing Large Fonts and System Font to all forms in your Delphi application, most likely there will be two forms still untouched. These will be the forms hidden inside MessageDlg and InputQuery VCL functions.

In this post I will show how to modify InputQuery to support System Font.

How to Support "System Font" in Delphi Applications

Most Delphi applications are using MS Sans Serif 8 as their default font, meanwhile Windows XP system font is Tahoma 8.25 and Windows Vista system font is Segoe UI.

Below code makes Delphi applications support Windows system font:

How to Support "Large Fonts" / "Custom DPI" in Delphi Applications

99% of Delphi applications I have seen, do not support Large Fonts, or support it very badly. There is a Scaled property in TForm, people think it is about to scale the form in case of non-default DPI setting, but it is just not working properly.

Below code scales TForm the correct way:

How to Optimize Delphi Application Performance to the Max using FastCode Library

If you believe you've optimized your Delphi application to the max, and there is no room for performance improvement, then you should check out following site:

How to Recover MSSQL from "Suspect Mode" / "Emergency Mode" / "Error 1813"

This article describes the course of actions you should take

  1. if your database somehow got "suspect mode" or "emergency mode";
  2. if you receive the error 1813 on attaching database

How to Make Delphi TPanel designable like TForm & TDataModule


Make TPanel designable like TForm & TDataModule...


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