How to Preprocess XSLT using STX

In my previous article I have shown how to preprocess XSLT using custom SAX ContentHandler that transforms XSLT source code on-the-fly.

The reason SAX transformation was chosen instead of simpler XSLT transformation is because SAX transformations preserve line and column information: if you will make an error in a preprocessed XSLT, XSLT processor will report exact line and column position of the error; if XSLT preprocessing was implemented in XSLT, line and column information would be distorted.

How to Fix "Page not found" / 403 / 404 Error in OpenID module in Drupal

It is very often when you enable OpenID module in Drupal and try to login with OpenID, you receive Page not found, whilst everything works quite fine at localhost.

How to Configure "Old" Sans Font to Display Nicer Compared to "New" Ubuntu Font

Next version of Ubuntu will include a new font, named "Ubuntu font", that will be used as default user interface font:

How to Fix Properly "Symbol Resume is deprecated" Warning in Delphi 2010

If you'll upgrade to Delphi 2010, you'll quickly notice that old code you were using to create threads, such as

How to Convert JSON to XML using XSLT 2.0

XSLT 2.0 is powerful enough to process even non-XML input. For example, I have created a transformation that converts JSON text to well structured XML output:

How to Preprocess XSLT using SAX

The xsl:include/@mode patchset I have developed to ease XML Pipeline in XSLT is not good. The major problem is it won't work on closed-source XSLT processors (Saxon PE/EE for example).

How to Integrate Drupal Feed into WordPress Application on LinkedIn

In this article I will show how I have integrated Drupal feed from into WordPress application on LinkedIn.

How to Implement XML Pipeline in Plain XSLT

In this article I will show the most efficient way of implementing XML Pipeline using native XSLT capabilities.

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