What XSLT Processor is the Fastest?

What is the fastest XSLT processor on the planet?

  • Is it MSXML because it is implemented in C/C++??
  • Is it .NET XslCompiledTransform because it compiles XSLT stylesheets??
  • Or perhaps it is Xalan XSLTC :)

Why just not benchmark...

How to Preprocess XSLT using SAX

The xsl:include/@mode patchset I have developed to ease XML Pipeline in XSLT is not good. The major problem is it won't work on closed-source XSLT processors (Saxon PE/EE for example).

Why XSLT name() Function is Evil

XSLT name() function is evil and should be avoided just like GoTo.

For example, it is very bad to write

Extending XSLT by Patching Saxon and Xalan

The XML Pipeline in XSLT technique requires every xsl:template and xsl:apply-templates in the chained stylesheet to have mode attribute.

This could be simplified if XSLT would allow specifying mode in xsl:include. So <xsl:include href="link1.xsl" mode="link1"/> would mean "use link1 as default mode in link1.xsl":

How to Implement XML Pipeline in Plain XSLT

In this article I will show the most efficient way of implementing XML Pipeline using native XSLT capabilities.

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