How to Make guarddog working in Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10

guarddog is still missing in Ubuntu… This article will outline required steps to install guarddog in Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10/Precise 12.04 and get it working.

To get guarddog installed in Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10 you need the following packages:

How to Import Mailman/Pipermail archive into Thunderbird

This little tool will download HTML file produced by Mailman/Pipermail, convert it to XML, extract all hyperlinks to monthly archive files, download and concatenate these into one big file ready for import into Thunderbird.

How to Restore guarddog in Ubuntu Natty 11.04

Canonical has a very ugly habit of removing from repositories applications that you use and love, but they think these are not "canonical".

For example:

How to Configure "Old" Sans Font to Display Nicer Compared to "New" Ubuntu Font

Next version of Ubuntu will include a new font, named "Ubuntu font", that will be used as default user interface font:

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