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How to Configure "Old" Sans Font to Display Nicer Compared to "New" Ubuntu Font

Next version of Ubuntu will include a new font, named "Ubuntu font", that will be used as default user interface font:

How to Fix Properly "Symbol Resume is deprecated" Warning in Delphi 2010

If you'll upgrade to Delphi 2010, you'll quickly notice that old code you were using to create threads, such as

How to Convert JSON to XML using XSLT 2.0

XSLT 2.0 is powerful enough to process even non-XML input. For example, I have created a transformation that converts JSON text to well structured XML output:

ANN: Announcing OpenID Selector Module for Drupal

Drupal's OpenID module is somewhat not complete.

If you enable OpenID module in Drupal, it modifies user/login screen with "Log in using OpenID" link:

Why "FOR XML" Feature in MSSQL is Great for XSLT

I am astonished of FOR XML feature in MSSQL. Oracle, despite claiming they had XML support first, has nothing like that; and XML support in PgSQL and MySQL is just ridiculuos:

Why Computational Complexity Matters and Optimization Does Not

When developers hear word "optimization" they think of:

  • assembler and C/C++
  • ultra-optimizing compilers
  • JIT, native code generation
  • high-price hardware


Why Saxon is the Fastest XSLT Processor

In my previous article "What XSLT Processor is the Fastest?" I have benchmarked performance of MSXML, XslCompiledTransform, Saxon, Xalan and XSLTC processors. The test case was XML Pipeline transforming 14mb XML file — Saxon was the winner.

In this article, I will explain why Saxon wins, despite MSXML is implemented in C/C++ and .NET XslCompiledTransform is compiling.

What XSLT Processor is the Fastest?

What is the fastest XSLT processor on the planet?

  • Is it MSXML because it is implemented in C/C++??
  • Is it .NET XslCompiledTransform because it compiles XSLT stylesheets??
  • Or perhaps it is Xalan XSLTC :)

Why just not benchmark...

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