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How to Restore guarddog in Ubuntu Natty 11.04

Canonical has a very ugly habit of removing from repositories applications that you use and love, but they think these are not "canonical".

For example:

How to Preprocess XSLT using STX

In my previous article I have shown how to preprocess XSLT using custom SAX ContentHandler that transforms XSLT source code on-the-fly.

The reason SAX transformation was chosen instead of simpler XSLT transformation is because SAX transformations preserve line and column information: if you will make an error in a preprocessed XSLT, XSLT processor will report exact line and column position of the error; if XSLT preprocessing was implemented in XSLT, line and column information would be distorted.

ANN: OpenID Selector v1.4 is Released

v1.4 of Drupal OpenID Selector is released.

The main point of this release is integration with various Drupal modules implementing OAuth authentication to various services, such as:

Alternative SDL-like XSLT Syntax

The need to constantly write xsl: prefix, angle brackets, verbose instructions make XSLT syntax somewhat odd for a newbie. Though the fact that XSLT is also an XML is a big plus.

The question is, can XSLT syntax be refactored to resemble syntax of regular programming language, yet without losing compatibility w/ XML?

ANN: OpenID Selector v1.3 is Released

v1.3 of Drupal OpenID Selector is released and v1.2 of Javascript OpenID Selector is released.

ANN: OpenID Selector v1.1 is Released

v1.1 of Javascript OpenID Selector is released and so is v1.1 of Drupal OpenID Selector.

How to Fix "Page not found" / 403 / 404 Error in OpenID module in Drupal

It is very often when you enable OpenID module in Drupal and try to login with OpenID, you receive Page not found, whilst everything works quite fine at localhost.

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